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Discussion created by krbanks38 on Feb 8, 2018
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I'm trying to figure out two issues (which are bugging me) that have come across since I began helping a friend update/upgrade his FMP database.  I hate not being able to figure things like this out.


He's is using FMP12 and is using Classic theme and I have FMP16 using a modified Enlightened theme.  Both his file and mine are uploaded to an FMP server that hosts my file for my business so we can collaborate remotely.  Both of our user profiles for his file have full access privileges.


Issue 1: When I open his database and to go Layout Mode, I have to select View>Show Rulers and set it to "points" instead of inches every time I open his file.  I don't have this problem on files I've created - only this one file from him.  The view options I select are retained as long as I keep the file open.  I only have to select them again if I close his file.  It seems to be file specific because it only happens with his file even when I've had my own files opened at the same time.


Issue 2: I'm not sure why this marker is being displayed for the last selected record on his file.  It seems like it could be a useful feature. I simply want to know how to turn it on and off.  Maybe I've overlooked a setting, but I cannot see any differences between the Parts in his file and mine when compare them using the Inspector.


Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 1.38.54 AM.png