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Text Field Format Lost when Copying to another Table

Question asked by Todd_Hank on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by greatgrey

I have two tables of data that a vendor supplies me to update our Joomla based web site. What I do is import their data which is formatted with carriage returns and asterisks. Once I import the data I have a calculation field that modifies the formatted text and replaces carriage returns and asterisks with HTML tags so I can import it into the Joomla site. The problem is the I have to concatenate fileds together into one field in the second table. The problem is that when I do create a script to copy the contents of the text field into the other table it strips out the * and replaces it with a - and the Carriage returns are gone.




I need to be able to copy the text exactly from one filed in one table into the other table without loosing the *.