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Is it possible to extend a table across two portals?

Question asked by kdcattran on Feb 10, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2018 by beverly

Good Day,


I'm working on a project that has the following setup:


1.  Top level table (Overview) that has a date field that I focus on.  This is the table my layout is based on.

2.  The subordinate table (Workouts) has two many fields to fit on a single portal. I want to extend it with using two portals on my layout. This table has a focus on time (multiple workouts within a day).

3.  Subordinate to the Workout table is an exercise table.  There are multiple exercises per workout.


What I would like to do is have the Workout table spread across two portals then each record within this table to display the related exercises for that record.


Any help is greatly appreciated.