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Entering Content in a Field..

Question asked by mersim95 on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by edwardlscott

Hello Everyone,


You guys have been great help so far, and everytime i have a problem i can find the solution here which makes me love Filemaker even more.
I am doing pretty good till now, but for a better performance of the program i am creating, i want your help with something.


I will attach photos too.
I have a layout based on a table called Quotes. In this table i have a portal (in blue line ) connected with the table Quote Orders. The user can write everything he want here, add quantity and price whereever he wants which will determine the cost of project later.
But this portal can contain up to 100 quote orders, meaning 100 new records on this table. And if the user has 2000 customers then there are lots of records (knowing that there are other things too).
So i want that after the user enters those work orders and checks the checkbox in front that work order to be added on a field, on another layout when the use clicks preview.
I have been able to do this but the information looks messy. i want this field to contain information seperated in colomns. like a colomn has description, another one quantity, unit price and so one, like the one i did in the second photo with yellow color.

I am doing this because after the use creates a project based on this quote the portal records of this quote will be deleted, so there are less records, and the quote orders information will only be shown on that field.
how can i seperate this information in colomn, and can i sort information inside a field ???


Any ideas and suggests will be valued.


thanks a lot.
Mersim Bakalli