Filemaker server or Filemaker Webdirect

Discussion created by anoobs on Feb 11, 2018
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I would like to know  which is better for my work. i Had no experience with fm server or fm web. I use only filemaker advanced. I Searched many sites to get know about fm server and fm web but i could not understand much because am not a professional. I have small office for charity works so i was trying to collect the data of benefactors. But if they can upload their details through online with webbased then it will be more easy. I have few questions.


  1. Which is better for online fm app share fm server or fm direct? what is the difference?
  2. I have one desktop computer installed windows 7. Is it possible to make that machine as server?
  3. Please Explain by steps.
  4. static ip is must or not?

Dont know what to ask or how to start but this program will help me if it works...