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XML - Interface / Base-64

Question asked by c.sedlmair on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by skywillmott

Dear FileMakers,


i want to transfer a File from a Rails-App into a FileMaker-Database.

Steps i had done:

  • encoded the file to Base64
  • transferred by FileMaker-XML - Interface to the database



  • Without the above mentioned base-64-string the Record in FileMaker was successfully created
  • With the base-64-string i receipted an exeption-Code
  • I made several tests, in one "Field", with example-string "abcabcabcabc..." => if the string is longer than more or less 1000 chars, i get the same exeption-Code, if its shorter, the record is created.
  • i tried a http-put instead of http-get, but this is not supported by FileMaker.
  • => It seems that by xml, the transferred strings have a max-Length



  • What is the best Way to transfer a File from a Web-App into a FileMaker-Database?
  • How to set Preferences to modify the max-content-length in a XML?
  • is it possible to transfer a base-64-encoded File by push into a FileMaker-DB?


Many Thanks,