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Slow 'share file' upload to FMServer 15.03

Question asked by justinc on Feb 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2018 by Vaughan

I'm running into some issues with uploading a DB file to an FMS (15.03) instance being extremely slow.

* My system (the source of this transfer) I am uploading from says that my network is transferring ~100KBps.  (This is OS X 10.11.6, used Activity Monitor for this rate.)

* My network upload speed ~6MBps

* Server download speed ~120MBps (it's an AWS instance)


The DB file being uploaded was just converted to external container storage.  There are about 38,000 files in these external container folders now.  Including the DB with the container files this solution is about 400MB.  I'm guessing that it's largely due to overhead caused by these small files.  But I thought that the upload utility from FMPA 16 (File -> Sharing -> Upload to Server) would zip the DB and all external files up into a single archive, send that, then extract and re-position the files.  Is that not the case?


I have more of these file updates that will probably get done soon, so I'd like to figure out a better way to transfer these files.  (There are a bunch of other updates that need to happen with the file before re-hosting on the server, hence I want to do this work locally.)