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FMS9 Admin Console fails to launch

Question asked by PeterMullin on Feb 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by techt

When I try to launch the Admin Console on Filemaker Server 9 I just get the splash screen and a row of flashing lights. In other words it appears not to be able to find what it's looking for. I have trawled all the community discussions and tried to implement the various bits of advice but I keep coming up against technical brick walls. I am a rookie when it comes to understanding coding etc and seem to have tried everything else to no avail. I am looking at a situation where tomorrow we start back here at work with no Databases!  I am desperate for a workaround here if anyone can help.

I will try to explain exactly what has happened so far. We have had FMS9 running on an old Power Mac G4 (I know) running OSX 10.4.11. It was crashing too often for comfort so decided to re-install FMS9 on an old iMac (early 2009) running OSX 10.10.5. Everything seemed to go fine until I tried to launch the Admin Console which resulted in the problem mentioned above. I checked with the FMcommunity chats and loaded an earlier version of Java (Java for MacOS 2017-001) which didn't sort the prob.

That's where I'm at. I even went back to the G4 and tried to boot that up again but because I had been moving files around it also couldn't find it's launch page! I tried to place everything back where I found it but still an Admin Console splash screen and more flashing lights.

We have 3 or 4 client machines running all our admin from Quoting to Invoicing on Databases I have built over the years but they are not power hungry and speed was never an issue as we weren't number crunching as such. We are pretty poor at the moment so reluctant to invest in a whole new Server and client package especially as given our relatively old machines no doubt would raise further implementation issues. Is there any way I can just get my Database Server up and running - serving out files? I do appreciate your patience with one as green as me. Thank you.