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Filemaker 16 SSL * Wildcard with Godaddy

Question asked by glenngilmore on Feb 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2018 by techt

I know this has been a bone of contention for some people and many contributors have added their ideas, but I have a two prong issue and was hoping someone could help.


Scenario 1 (Successful but can't export private key out for reuse)

I have managed to succeed on another site using the "create request" then getting a wildcard Godaddy Cert e.g. 406990491cyca9c3.crt and the intermediate cert gd-g2_iisintermediate.p7b and using the server.pem private key. All works fine padlocks are green, sorted, BUT I can't export the private key out to reuse my wildcard cert on other services.

1. How do you export the private key out of your Filemaker server if you have created it using the Filemaker server private key method?




Scenario 2 (Error and no success)

I generated this wildcard cert on another IIS server which I exported the private key out to .pfx file but when I try to use 406990491cyca9c3.crt  as the signed certificate file

The exported from other IIS server .pfx file as the Private Key file

and the cert gd-g2_iisintermediate.p7b as the intermediate certificate file.


This doesn't work and I get "Certificate could not be imported: Cannot decrypt the private file with the password. Make sure the key file and password are correct."


I definitely have the correct password of the .pfx file.


2. How do you use a Godaddy wildcard cert that was created on another non-Filemaker server using the IIS method and has the private key exported to a .pfx file?