Filemaker Server 16 "cannot start or stop worker machine"

Discussion created by boilinh2o on Feb 12, 2018



So I'm setting up WebDirect and for the first time setting up a worker machine. I initially set it up using the IPs of my two machines. It worked. I could access my DB with a browser.


After setting up our router to forward port 80 traffic to the worker machine*, I found that it re-wrote the URL to the IP address which wasn't going to work.


I'm running a Mac Server so I set up the DNS service to resolve the FQDN that is used by our remote IP (dynamic DNS) to the internal IPs and then set my two servers to use our internal name server.


I disconnected the worker and then reconnected using the FQDN. It registered with my FM Server but it will not start.


"cannot start or stop worker machine"


Logs tell me nothing other then the worker was added.


*In the process of trying to read up on this and find what I was missing I discovered that I might be thinking of the worker/master incorrectly. That I should be directing my browser to the Master not the Worker.




Both Servers running 10.13.3 and the current version of FM Server 16


Thanks for any insight.