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Move from FMS 14 to FMS 16 sub summary field woes

Discussion created by Andy Hibbs on Feb 12, 2018
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I'd appreciate comments on major performance problems as a result of moving a client from a shared Windows 2012 R2 FileMaker Server 14 server (that had 46 files hosted) to a dedicated Windows 2016 R2 FMS 16 server running 2 files, now updated to v16.0.4, which has resulted in a report that uses a lot of sub summary fields grind to a halt from 5 minutes generation time to hours.


I must stress that we are not the developers, we've hosted this system for about 6 years on behalf of the developers and have been working through systematic tests with them for the last week.


I know that a lot of caching work has been carried out on the later versions of FileMaker, but trying to explain to the end client that, having spent a lot of extra money on their own dedicated server, the performance for this report has gone down the toilet.


We've eliminated server specification as a factor, other than one is 2012 R2 and the newer one 2016 R2, and have tried both FMP 15 and 16. Putting the same 2 files back on the old FMS 14 server with the same server schedules on the same network works as expected using the same FMP 15 client used to test the FMS 16 server.


We've also managed to establish that the report runs fine when all server schedules (FileMaker scripts) are disabled. However, enable just one of them results in a slower, only by a few minutes, initial report, but then this is followed up by sorting and calculations in FMP 15 or 'summarizing' in FMP 16 that starts automatically upon completion and then when scrolling.


We are not fans of subsummary fields and hardly ever use them, but we have no answer as yet for the developer or the client why a 2-year old version of FileMaker Server software should offer such better performance.


We believe there is a difference in the way the data is presented when the background data is being updated. FMS v14 doesn't seem to worry about this, it produces the report from the data as it was at the point of generation and then keeps it there. However, FMS v16 seems to be constantly rerunning the calculation/summary fields as the background data is changed, resulting in the report never getting to an end point as long as the data is being updated. We don't have full knowledge of the scheduled scripts functionality, but believe some of them may just be searches.


Does anyone know what, if any changes have been made to the behaviour of subsummary fields between FMS v14 and v16?


Many thanks