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Text Formatting in Export-Import

Question asked by mikeo'neil on Feb 12, 2018
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Hi Folks,


Text Formatting Issue in Export & Import

FMP16.04-FMA 16.04

Mac & Windows


I have 3 tables that function as a library storing records I need to export. Each table only has a couple of fields I need to export. A Text field contains a Bullet at the beginning of the text entry for some records. Some Text records have an inline Trademark TM with the text.


I am exporting 3 different tables and then importing the same fields into 3 other tables meant for storing the data. This process occurs many times a day with about 100 records each cycle.


Export in Merge format.

Output file character set: Macintosh

Apply current layout data formatting… Selected


Import using Character set: Macintosh


The TM TM is not affected and appears correctly in the Imported text.


From what I have been reading on the forum is formatting is lost and I guess that also means the Bullet ?


Is there a work around, another keyboard character I could try, and should I be using a different Character Set with Export & Import?