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Erroneous username login autofill?

Question asked by dmmarti2 on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by philipHPG

Hello everyone,


My users and myself have this odd autofill issue I couldn't find a fix for via a normal search, so I hope you can help.


When opening host files, which I have password protected via FMS, Filemaker 16 asks for the appropriate username and password.

However, it never remembers the username for any of us.



It always autofills it with something random. For me, it's usually my personal Microsoft account email address.


For another user, it autofills my "Admin" username instead of his own.


Is there any way at all to have Filemaker 16 remember our respective user names instead of autofilling random information from wherever it feels like? We have to delete the user field every time we login, and while it isn't a life or death issue, it certainly is annoying for us who have to access it many times a day.


Thank you everyone,

D. Martin