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FMS SSL Verification/Orange Lock Question:

Question asked by dmmarti2 on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by user2147437

Good evening everyone,


Question about FMS and the SSL Verification.


My fellow employees access my Filemaker Databases through a VPN connection, which is currently secured and verified via SSL purchased through Filemaker's list of recommended vendors ( Symantec, specifically ).


I added this SSL, along with all necessary files to FMS without any problems, including the intermediate file.


Now when I log into the VPN then open the Hosts screen in FM16, it gives me the following error ( attached image).


I read in another thread to reinstall FMS and it should change it to a green lock, but even after a fresh reinstall, it hasn't changed it to green.


I can verify the certificate is good, so is this just a bug? Am I missing something?


I hope I do not have to purchase yet another SSL certificate?


Thanks in advance for any advice,

D. Martin