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Question asked by bruns on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by rgordon

Hello, I am having trouble with a sub summary.  I have a layout with a sub summary on it and all it working well except I need fields under each column with totals.  I have one under the boxes and it is working but the other columns will not.  I am sure it is due to a relationship but I cannot figure out the right relationship.

To run the sub summary report, on the main layout and then the Assistance tab

In the start put 1/1/18 and end date put 1/31/18 and click black arrow.

Can someone please assist?


Also another annoying thing is happening, on the main layout , I click the Add Boxes Given and it creates a new record in the portal below it, it works perfect on most contacts but on some, it does not put the new record at the top of the portal but down the portal a few rows.  Example on John Monday record it is doing this but on others it is not.  Can someone explain what is going on here.


Thanks for anyone that can help.


Filemaker Pro Advanced 16

Username = Admin

Password =