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Copying data from portal fields into table fields

Question asked by mediteran on Feb 13, 2018
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In my parent table, I’ve got a portal from which I’m choosing a number of items (records) from a child table. For each record in the parent table, I can choose any number of items, up to a maximum of 29 items.


This is working nicely up to here. But then, my issue starts:


I need to copy the data of a specified portal field – from all portal rows having content – into single fields in my parent table. For this, I have 29 fields, from Item01 to Item29. The items must be in the same order as chosen and shown in the portal. How can I get the data into these fields? If possible, this should happen dynamically, when items are chosen from the pop-up menu in the portal. And the same thing should happen vice versa – the data in the item field should be deleted if a portal row becomes empty.


I’m working in FMP 15 Advanced.


Thanks for any hints, Ralf