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Filemaker Go 16 & iPhone X container orientation issue

Question asked by caryd12 on Feb 14, 2018
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I have an issue with Filemaker Go 16 and inserting a photo into the container field.  All of our field techs are using Filemaker Go 16 (latest edition to my knowledge) and the iPhone X.  When tapping the container field they have the option to insert from photo roll or take a picture right then and it gets inserted into FMgo from the camera.  If the camera option is chosen everything works fine, however if the photo roll / library option is selected and a previously taken picture is selected the image gets flipped 90 degrees when inserted.  There is no script trigger running on the layout or object, everything is just the basic filemaker go technology.  Any ideas about what is causing this?  Any fix available besides just converting to SuperContainer?


Also, container storage is local, not external for this field.