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Data reads from MySQL and displays weird encode string in FileMaker Client

Question asked by on Feb 14, 2018
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We converted FileMaker database to the MySQL database. Currently, we would like to use FileMaker Pro v14 client in the front, such as forms, and reports, etc., and use ODBC connection to the MySQL database at the back end. Somehow, when connect MySQL database tables in the FileMaker client front, it shows encoded string for TEXT field. The number field is OK. For example:

In MySQL database:
Record ID: 144
Course number: MTH 95
Campus: SY


In FileMaker client end:

Record ID: 144

Course number: 4D5448203935

Campus: 5359


Not sure why the FileMaker reads data "MTH 95" to "4D5448203935", and "SY"to "5359"? Any configuration to turn off encoding in FileMaker? or some other settings? Thank you.