Filemaker Diary/Appointment Layout

Discussion created by ebrown212 on Feb 15, 2018
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Hi, I'm fairly new to filemaker and I am trying to create some form of calendar or diary within my data base. My company has mobile engineers who need to go to multiple appointments per day therefore I need away to book appointments for my clients at a date and time. I have a clients table and fields for name, address etc along with Date, Time, Engineer within that table. I have looked into integrating a google calendar or purchasing a calendar such as seedcode however they are more monthly calendars which is not specific enough for what I need.



Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 18.59.14.png


The Image is to illustrate what I mean in terms of layout. In each field I would like to display clients name/postcode however I have tried copying to clipboard but only one of fields will paste. This diary must also be adaptable so that I can add more weeks as the year goes on.


So far I have tried having a portal instead of a field (the white boxes) but I cannot get it to display the name/postcode field for more than one client.


I need a button or script or function that would allow me to click on a field and add the details of my customer so that I can see what appointments are available or booked.


Any Ideas on how I can go about creating customer appointments would be much appreciated.