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Favorites via relationship?

Question asked by kip on Feb 15, 2018
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Hi there,


I am working on some sort of contact management and would like to connect two tables:

- team members (TEAM / used by team to log in the database)

- contact names (CONTACTS / contact information / more or less like an addressbook)


Users have to log in at startup of the database.

A little script sets some variables like $$UserInitials, $$UserName and $$UserID.

Afterwards, the user is forwarded to a list view of all contacts.


What I would like to achieve is a connection between team members and contact names, so that each team member can "favorite" some contact addresses and have these sorted at the top of the list view and have them marked specially.


Usually, I would use a relation like TEAM <--> TEAM_CONTACTS <--> CONTACTS, but I am stuck how I could include this in sorting of a list.


May be this is a totally wrong approach?

Any help or hints are highly appreciated.