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Corner Radius Issue in FM Go 16

Question asked by fyanesv on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by TSGal

Hi All, I looked for this Issue but did not find any related info.


Product and version:      Filemaker Go 16.0.4

OS and version:              iOS  11.2.5

Browser and version:     None

Hardware:                       iPhone 6 16GB


The Corner Radius for a Button Bar with any setting greater than zero changes back to square (zero) by itself until further action is taken.


How to replicate:

1- Create a Layout with Top Nav, Leading Grand Summary and Body Part.

2- Place a Button Bar in the Leading Gran Summary Part.

3- Set the BB Corner Radius to any number setting preferible 10.

4- Set the window for List View.

5- In Browse mode press the iPhone Home Button and immediately recover FM Go app connection.

6- Button Bar now has no corner radius.

7- Any further action will reestablish its settings.


This has happened in different conditions like jumping from a different Layout.


Workaround:      None.


Have a nice day


Fernando A.