Restoring connection to "missing" external video files

Discussion created by user2147316 on Feb 14, 2018
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I have a solution where users capture 1min videos in the field with iOS devices.

Those videos as "external container data" are stored on FMS server. Experimenting with video quality we arrived to a set of parameters for the "Insert from Device" script step, which produces 40Mb .mov file for 1min video. Lowering quality parameters apparently uses internal iOS encoding settings that provide very poor quality output.


Once video files make their way into "external" container folder, a terminal job kicks-in on the MacOs server which encodes video files into .mp4 to reduce the size down to ~6Mb with quite acceptable quality. When re-encoded file is placed instead of the original video (retaining original name) in the "external container" location, FM looses the link and says "missing..." in the container field.


What would be the best approach to "restore" those links, so that re-encoded videos could be viewed from inside the FM solution? or