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Charting with D3, Google or the the likes

Question asked by yancmo on Feb 15, 2018
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I’m working on a app that I’m pulling Jason files theough an API. All is good and working great getting information to my forms and I can create a filemaker chart. But I’d like to do more with my charts so I’m looking into other options.


Right now i pull my data form the API sometimes up to nearly 1500 Values. I have each entry set to go to a new field and create a new record and rinse and repeat until all the entries are accounted for. Then when that’s done I create a summary report, create a List from that delete the records and drop the list in a new Table to chart with. That’s works fine but it is slow.


I want to try some other options for making that work and want to try with external charts as well so I can make them fancy. (Keep in mind this is all fun stuff that I’m using to just learn Filemaker)


I’m also wanting to use my $$json variable in the java scripts for the external charts. In my journey though the forums I remember something about using PHP to accomplish this but for the life of me can’t find that again. I’ve only clicked 500 links over the last 2 days.


I do have a FM 16 server with PHP enabled. And have full control of the server to add anything I need.


Im not asking to be told how to do this but am looking for more direct referrals to sites that will help me learn.


Thank you you any advice!