Container Sliding Up Issue

Discussion created by mikeo'neil on Feb 15, 2018
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Sliding Up Issue FMA 16.03.   I reviewed past posts but have been unable to get this to work.


I have a SubSummary report.

Title Header - Header - Two Sub Summary Parts - Body Part - and a Trailing Grand Summary.


The Sliding issue is in the Trailing Grand Summary Part. I have a Text Label and a related text field and these Slide up as desired.


I have a Container Field (Repeating x 4 across). I tried 1 of 1 and have tried various combinations in the Inspector Sliding options. The only way I can get this to slide up is to use the Hide Object Function, but then that creates another issue for inserting Photos from what I had planned.


Are Container Fields an exception for not Sliding Up?


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Any Suggestions?