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Exporting in .txt instead of .tab

Question asked by SamRembert on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Suresh

An issue that has plagued me for years, and judging from comments on the webs, many others as well.


I need to export my data as a tab-separated file, and need it to be .txt format.  The application I am exporting to does not accept .tab as a file format, and I can't use .csv since my data has commas.  I know that this can be done if you script the path and filename, but my export locations need to be user-selected each time.


This used to be no problem, then Filemaker decided to change something, and only allow the .tab extension for tab-separated exports, because, you know, that makes perfect sense.  However, the documentation online still claims .txt as a valid export suffix.


Outside of selecting a file path and name by script algorithm, is there any way to manually export as .txt?  My searching tells me no....