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Stuck in a Window with You

Question asked by annd on Feb 15, 2018
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I have been lurking for a few weeks in perpetual amazement at both the kindness and the generosity of this community.  I had hoped to post for the first time when I had gained slightly more experience, but apparently, that is not to be!


I am presently working in Filemaker 16 Advanced, although I started designing this database in FMP 12.  One of the first layouts I made - in FMP 12 - had a button called "View Image" that popped open a new and smaller window to display a PDF of original correspondence.  The window looks exactly like this - sans toolbar - because I never dreamed that in attempting to get ANOTHER file out of the way, I would inadvertently close Filemaker.  Now when I reopen, Filemaker helpfully wants to return me to where I left off: With this window, and no sign of my layout.  This is all I have.  I'm stuck. 



I have tried searching this forum and Googling broadly, but I don't even know how to phrase my problem.


I have a copy of my database, but it's from a week ago, which means I will lose about 70 hours of work if I can't sort this.  I am happy to received lectures and admonishments, but I am also really hoping there's a way out of this.