Updating summary fields

Discussion created by keysolutions on Feb 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by keysolutions

When you work with FileMaker for so lang there are features which are so ‘normal’ in day-to-day use.

As far as I know summary fields are recalculated when there visible on the layout?

Now, out of the blue I have a table where when data is changed the (hidden) summary fields are all of a sudden recalculated! Not just one field, but all fields in the table.


The records for the table are shown in a portal, but none of the summary fields is visible. I have opened an older version of the database, but there this problem doesn’t happen.

The customer is not happy… every changed causes the 20.000 + records to be recalculated over and over again.


To be honest… strange things are happening with FileMaker 16. I still not sure I happy with this version.