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CSI : reconstructing the events

Question asked by Cécile on Feb 16, 2018
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Our system predates me by a big chunk and I have been tasked to make a report about it for the new Chair. I'm trying to be factual but I have only pieces of info and I need to extrapolate the story. Trying to reconstruct the timeline. To be sure I don't put my foot in my mouth, I need to verify a few things. I seek answers for the two questions in blue. Thank you!!


Our system was likely developed between 1997 and 1999. The first record was for our fiscal year 1999/2000. So I assume it was either in the format .fp3 or .fp5. I have no idea what version of client or server they had. I don't think it is relevant.


The database was upgraded in 2004 to the format .fp7


When I started working on it in 2015, we were working with the client FileMaker Pro 9.0v3

Our hosted services provider told me that the Server was FM7  << Is that possible?


Summer 2016, when I migrated it to FM15 I had to first recover the files with the FM 9 client to convert it to the  .fmp12 format and then recover these converted versions with the FM 15 client.


What I am trying to place is the attempt to upgrade to FM10. My boss does not remember exactly when so lets say 2009.

My boss mentionned something about Windows Server 2007 and something about not being able to read the file, and unstability... << What do you think went wrong?


This failed attempt to upgrade is actually one of the key factors that prompted the (debacle) move to CRM Dynamics in 2014: they were under the impression that our old DB was not upgradable and that new Windows Servers would not support older versions. Since we needed new Servers for our other office technology needs, such as Outlook Exchange, the operating system situation needed to be addressed.  The rational became: if money has to be injected into building a new one, a reevaluation of the platform is warranted. My boss had concerns about the long term survival of FileMaker; our hosted services provider favoured Microsoft products and the limits of their experience with FileMaker was to read the information provided for the server install as well as the releases notes.