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Container PDF file Export using embedded filenames

Question asked by thomasgsach on Feb 16, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by techt

Hello,  In one of my FM databases, I have a container field that I store PDF files.  I have bee trying to figure out a way to build a script to export those PDF files and not have to name them as part of the scripted export process.  The PDF's already have file names.   If you right click on the container field and export,  the dialog box pops us with the filename already there.    I have a set directory path that I want these to be written to so I would like the script to export from the container without any interaction. Click a button, and files appear with their appropriate filename that they had when they were added to the container.   I have looked through many threads and tried different options.  None with success.  Does anyone have an easy way to do this.  Script to set the path, export PDF file using the embedded filename and done.

Thank you