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Most Recent Date from a list that includes Date and words

Question asked by lindseym on Feb 16, 2018
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I get data from another program and process it through FMP.


The field is called Status. When a department enters a status, it is separated by department like this, and then sorted by date:


The department names (Installation and Design Engineering):


No same department has the same status.


I am able to remove the department name, and turn it into a list like this (One Field containing the list, each record would have something similar, but length of list is variable):



My question / what I want:


I want to be able to get the line of data that has the newest date. (Line 2 in this case)


My first thought was to create multiple fields that would Get line 1, get line 2, get line 3... and then parse the date + time and do some kind of MAX(date) or something. The good news, after it turns into a list, the only variable that can change in length is anything before the word "set."


The main issue I see with this is-- I don't know if there will be 1 status or 30.. and it seems laborious to do it that way, not to mention all the extra fields.


Can someone tell me if I should proceed with my above plan, or if there is a better way to do it?