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Layout for printing issue

Question asked by planteg on Feb 16, 2018
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I have a created a layout that is a list since portals can't slide up. In the body there are a certain amount of records having a currency value and need to get the total of all values printed at the bottom of the body.


I have two issues.


Issue no 1


If the body ends at the bottom of the page, the total is shown on next page. The customer would like to get the records and total together. That seems impossible since the total is in a different part. Is there some way to keep these together ?


Issue no 2


When for some reasons the body extends one page, after the last record a page break is added. On the part that follows the body, a Trailing Grand Summary, no page break option is selected. The same is true for the body. Why is there a break after the body (or before the Trailing Grand Summary) ? I would like to get rid off that break.


Thanks in advance.