Blocked at every turn

Discussion created by hankshrier on Feb 17, 2018
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Confounded by pop up blocker message.


I have a solution running in Web direct. I'm using the open URL script step.  My Popup blocker is TURNED OFF!!!!!


When the file attempts to open a URL that I need,  I receive a message about needing to turn off the pop up blocker.


I've accessed the file from my iPhone using Safari and Web direct. Where is this error message coming from and how do I kill it? In Web Direct straight from the browser, I'm able to tap the allow button and proceed. In accessing this from an app that was built for me, there is NO WAY to pass this trap.


I've also accessed the same file using an APP built that gives access to the same file in a way that give me the app's advantages.  The results are the same.


This makes NO SENSE.


Thanks for any answers which solve the problem.




Hank Shrier