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How to apply a value from a field based value list within a portal to several selected records at once

Question asked by Shakib on Feb 18, 2018
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Introduction: I need to apply a single value from a field-based value list that is located within a portal, to several records that I choose (without the hassle of selecting that same value for each record one by one). Here is a snapshot of my database:

Database snapshot.png


And here is the layout I am talking about:


Layout snapshot.png


Explanations: In this layout, which is based on the Table A, there is a portal that is circled by red on the above photo. This portal shows related records from A_B Table. Within this portal, I have placed the “_fkB_ID” field. The values for this field is taken from a field-based value list that populates its values from the field “_pkB_ID” located in the B Table.


What works now: What I am doing right now is that I can associate each record in the above layout to multiple records of B table, by selecting the value from the pop-up menu of the “_fkB_ID” field.


What I need help with: The problem with the above approach is that for several records in this layout (i.e. several records in the A Table), there is often only one of the records from the B table that should be associated with, and natureally, I have to go through all these records in this layout and one by one choose the same exact value from the “_fkB_ID” field. I would like to make this much faster: for example by adding a check-box in this layout (as pointed by red arrow on the above picutre) and selecting multiple records on this layout and then selecting one value from “_fkB_ID” field for all of them.


I have some idea about how to create that checkbox and make it work (maybe by a value list and a global field on this table?) but I do not know how to assign a single value from a value list on a field within a portal to them…


Please let me know if you have any questions!


Any help with this is MUCH appreciated as it will save much time…


Thanks a lot!