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Question asked by bleyden on Feb 18, 2018
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Hello all, luckily I haven't had to be on in a while, but I am trying to tweak a section of my database.


The primary function of the solution is to register users for education programs/courses.  Each course (might) have different versions, and each version (might) have different sections/sessions.  Ideally, I'd have a Course layout, where I would have the Course Name, Course Number, Description, Location, Type, Creation Date, Modification Date.  Then, I want to add versions to it, which would consist of a Version Number, Content Updates, Design Updates, Misc. Updates, and again Creation and Modification Dates.  Finally, I want to add sections/sessions with information like Facilitator, Section Title, Section Number, Dates/Times (a text field to list the dates and times the section meets), and Creation/Modification dates. 


Ideally, once all is said and done, I'd have a final number to use to enroll someone consisting of #####-###-### (Course Number - Version Number - Section Number).  This would link an individual's Enrollment to a Course, with version and section specificity.  Any thoughts on how I can accomplish this from a table/field/relationship standpoint?  I'd like the course number to be a serial number, as with the version and section numbers, but i'd like the version/section numbers to start at 001 for each course.  (eg. course 10001-001-001, 100001-001-002, 10002-001-001).


Thanks for the help!