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Scripting for Popover "Form"

Question asked by bleyden on Feb 18, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by bleyden

I am wanting to create a related record via a popover.  I usually do this with Global fields, but I want to use variables this time since I have heard these are easier and faster to work with. 


I have a Course and a Versions table.  The popover is to add a new record to the version table, which would be related to a particular course number. 


These are the fields in the Versions table:

The popover will have fields for Version Number (which is a number I enter based on previous versions, not autonumber), Content Updates, Design Updates, and Misc. Updates.  A save button in the popover will add that to the versions table and add the creation/modification dates (auto) and the course number (which is in a table EDU_Courses). 


Can someone help with the script for this?  Probably easy but I'm not sure where to start.