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How to populate a portal row with dates from a start date and an end date?

Question asked by makintosh on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by makintosh

I have two related tables named Personnel (parent) and Attendance (child). Under Attendance, I have 3 fields named, AttendanceDate,  StartDate and EndDate. I made a portal in the parent table layout and placed the StartDate and EndDate fields so that when the user inputs the dates, the portal will be populated with the dates from the StartDate all the way to the EndDate. The number of dates ranges to a month max.


I referenced a method from this thread noob loop help but when I try to apply the script it gave me thousands of new records upon entering the start and end dates and then freezes. In another instance with a custom function, it only produced one row with the start date. I removed the scripts I tried in the example file since they didn't work and did more harm when the file is opened.


Another thing, is there a way to sort the record number symbol in the rows to show in descending order so I will see on top the highest number of rows made?