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Discussion created by ice72b on Feb 19, 2018
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I have an FM16 server with 32GB of RAM, 16 core 2.2Ghz, 15k SAS disks, 1 gigabit ethernet.


The server host a single 10GB file-maker file with a lot of related tables. 

Every tables have a lot of calculated fields (this is an old app ... I know: these fields should be dismissed).


The users (150 clients) encounter some performance problem but the server CPU used by FM-server is no

more then 7% (ie 1 core). The CPU maintain a 7% load for about the 80% of the users work-time.


Looking at log file "stats.log" I can see that the column "Remote Calls In Progress" (RCIP) is frequently higher than zero (data collected setting the stats period to 1 seconds).  The more-than-zero values on RCIP sometimes remains for tens of seconds.


How I should interpret this data having only one DB?  If I have a RCIP with a value of 5 for 10 seconds this imply that I have 5 clients that have waited for 10 seconds everyone?



Roberto C.