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How do you filtered records from one field and summing another

Question asked by kdcattran on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by philmodjunk

Good Day,


I am building a budget database and have the following relationships.




As you can see the CY Table is linked to the Budget Table from ID_CY (1 to Many) FK_CY.  I have a field in the Budget table called Sequence (Number) that I want to filter for a particular number (1 for example) and sum the field (Jan_Budget) from the results.  Here are the fields for each table.






As I understand it, the parent table (CY) must have a calculated field to perform this task.  As you can seem I have them summed but it gives me the sum for all the records instead of the filtered records.


On my layout, I have separate portals that filters each of my sequence numbers (1-5) for each of the following:


Sequence 1 - Money In

Sequence 2 - Investments

Sequence 3 - Liabilities

Sequence 4 - Credit Cards

Sequence 5 - Expenses


Ultimately, I was hoping to perform the following bottom line calculation that will give me a Remaining Balance.


(Money In - Investments - Liabilities - Credit Cards - Expenses = Remaining Balance)


I hope that I have explained this well enough to make what I want to do clear.  Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.