What would you charge for this database?

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Hi All,

I am getting ready to deploy my first FileMaker project and wanted to get some feedback on the street value   I really enjoyed working in FileMaker and would continue using it for other projects.  I learned a lot reading this forum so thank you all for the help.


About the project:

A friend has a MedSpa and is going paperless, I volunteered to do a database for her.  Clients will fill out an intake from on an iPad Pro 12in in FileMakerGo 16 (kiosk type of mode).  I used to work in UX so I spent a lot of time on workflow and the interface. I showed the solution to the client today, she loved the interface. Because the average client is a bit older, the UX is designed so a person who would normal need +1.5 reading glasses can use the app without glasses (fonts, strike zones are larger). The system is aware of the user and privileges--shuts down pages and menus based on user.


I used FileMaker Pro Advanced 15, Mac. FileMaker Go 16 iPad Pro 12in for deployment.



The client intake form has linear navigation, the client can move forward or backward but can't jump around.  The iPad is in a kiosk type mode and a client can only fill out the new client intake form.  To exit client mode you must shut down the iPad and restart.  The Client side has:

  • 1 welcome Layout
  • 10 data entry Layout, with no field validation (A Practitioner will always review the intake form with the client and will validate them.)
  • 1 Exit Layout with timed logout



The Practitioner side is deployed on an iPad pro 12in (FileMakerGo 16) with the same consideration for eye sight.  All layouts have a standard header with navigation. On any workspace or dashboard layout the Practitioner can call, text, or email clients/pharmacy/emergency contact where appropriate.


  • Clients List Layout
  • Individual client dashboard Layout
    • --edit full client profile Layout
  • Notes and Photos workspace Layout
    • --Each client can have Multiple notes
      • Each note can have Multiple photos
  • Client Legal forms workspace Layout
    • 14 different Legal forms each needing its own layout because of formatting
      • Signature capture on the iPad with business logic to validate signature
  • print or email pdf Layout




About 10-15 layouts for viewing and admin of raw table data on a desktop.  We are not dealing with reporting just yet.


Table Structure

All tables have a fair amount of housekeeping, such as date created, user created, and then date modified, user modified, primary and foreign keys.



  • This is the primary table
  • 184 Fields
  • Could be 3 separate tables really.  If I were to redo the solution I would brake it up.


  • 7 Fields


  • 9 Fields


  • 9 Fields


  • 18 Fields
  • Looks up data from Consent_data and Consent_Header_Footer
  • Once date is read it, it can't be modified (locked on purpose)


  • 9 Fields


  • 9 Fields


  • 9 Fields
  • Holds debugging info and a few calculations



-39 Total Scripts most are pretty simple



I debated including screen shots or database structure but I was a bit worried about client confidentiality and system security.


Its got a lot of custom graphics, icons and requires a special font download to the iPad as part of the branding.


SO, how much you charge for this DB?

Once again thank you for your help, this forum is of great use.