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Portal from within a portal

Question asked by kalivj on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by edwardlscott

I am stumped on what seems like a simple task. I want to create a project manager in which projects have tasks and tasks have posts.  The relationship between them is shown below.

The Project uuid is linked to the Foreign Key project uuid in the Task Table. 

The Task uuid is linked to the Foreign Key Task uuid in the Post Table.

I created a portal from the Project to Task. As I click through the projects, the related tasks appear in that portal.

Where I have a problem is when I try to create a portal from the Task to Post.   What I'm trying to create is the ability to click on any Task in the Project to Task portal and have only the Posts related to that specific Task show up in the Task to Post Portal. I've tried to filter the Task to Post portal using the Foreign Key Task uuid.   That does not seem to work. In the example below, no matter which record I click on the Project to Task portal, all the posts related to Project 1 appears in the Task to Post Portal.

I'm also not sure how to keyboard scroll down on either portal.