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URL won't work due to hidden text added by FM?

Question asked by braxton on Feb 20, 2018
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I am using a calculation to create a URL to open in a website:


TextFormatRemove ( "" & Bible::Title & "; " & Trim( GetValue ( Substitute ( Title ; ":" ; ¶ ) ; 1 ) ) & "&version=" & Bible::Version )


The URL will not work right out of FM.  But, if I pasted the URL text into any text editor like TextEdit, immediately copy it, and paste into my browser it works.  If I compare the URL text I need to the calculation result it is visibly the same!  Now, what's really interesting is  picked up on the issue....yet, it's not visible in the text.



This was from a sample using Romans 1:24-32.  The URL is: 1:24-32; Romans 1&version=NASB

That URL will not work straight from FM, but will work if I paste into a text editor, copy, and paste into the web browser.


Any ideas on how to correct this?  As you can see I already tried to remove any text formatting.  Thanks.


Edit:  Tried to prevent above URL is text from showing as a link.