Saved Print Settings for Printing Multiple Records

Discussion created by tcwaters on Feb 20, 2018

I'm working on a script to print letters for records in a database.  The script finds the appropriate records; goes to one of two layouts based on a field, prints the letter; and then goes to the next record.


I want the user to get a dialogue box for the print set up and print options for the first letter, but not to have to see these dialogues for every letter in the found set.


Is this simply a matter of having both print script steps ( Page set up and then Print) show up twice- once above the loop beginning and again after, with the set before the loop starts being with dialogue and the one after the loop starts, without dialogue?


FWIW, I can't use "print records being browsed," as some will need layout 1 and others will need layout 2. So I need the print settings to remain "current record"