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Login table with calculated privileges and External Authorization?

Question asked by icandothis on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by icandothis

Hello. We have an older multi-file database (I didn't build most of it), and some files have multiple tables. We are going to external authorization on Windows. Our FileMaker users change frequently and responsibilities change, so to simplify for IT we would like to just have ONE external authorization account (e.g. FMuser) and control some of the access using "deeper" controls in privilege sets to limit according to login ID (Get (AccountName) using AD). Specific example for this post: Certain users would not be able to delete records in certain files/tables.


So in our "Main" file I created a "Login" table with two fields: LoginID and UserPermissions. I planned a record for each users and a list of permissions in a text field. (E.g. "Delete Records" with any further permissions separated by returns)  I have a privilege set FMuser with Custom privileges for Records.


I thought I would enter a calculation that would look for the text "Delete Records" (using FilterValues) and if the result is "false" that user would not have permission to delete records. But that's about as far as I've gotten. I think I need a global field but am not sure where to put it, or a script. I'm getting confused by the multiple file/table situation. (Cannot tackle consolidating at this time.) Does anyone know of a basic example I can follow, or have some clues to help us move forward? There are so many ways to do something in FileMaker, and the more blogs/posts/books I read the "confuseder" I get. Thank you.