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end user calculated text editor of form with insert fields imbedded

Question asked by tomswell on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by Malcolm

What is the best approach for allowing non scripting end user to modify structure of form letter littered with"auto filled" record values?

I've been trying to replace "&" before end user sees &actual record values&

then reinsert "&" and save as changed calculation.


how to   ...  extract & modify raw text without seeing inserted values


water::flow test form

example global field ;    calculated


"To whom it may concern: "& ¶ &

"  On "&date&" Tom's Well Service performed a water well flow test of the  well at "&address&", with the results as follows."& ¶ &"      The well pump produced "&start_gpm&" gallons per minute for a period of "&drawdown duration minutes txt&"."

blah blah blah ...


search and replace ...

substitute ...


the goal is to have several "report forms" for varying situations