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create new record with new ID based on a single field value

Question asked by skcryan on Feb 21, 2018
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I hope you don't mind my asking what is probably a very basic question. Think absolute FM beginner and very slow learner.


I am trying to work out how to create new records based on an existing set. At the moment I have a table containing 'applicants'. Attached to the records are various fields such as 'name' 'email' etc. The applicants have been through a selection process; some of them passed and many more didn't. So there is simple field containing 'accept/reject' in the original set. I would like to work only with the 'accepts' in future. My intention is to create a new set of 'members' featuring only those that passed the selection process. . All the other fields would remain unchanged except that I would like each member to have their own unique 'ID', not the id that is connected to their status as 'applicant'.


I hope that made sense. Is there any easy way to do this?