Is Case or multiple IF statements applicable?

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I'm trying to setup  a class dB setup similar to a teacher's grade book for my wife where speeches and tests results are entered.  Each speech and test is worth predetermined points. The actual awarded points are entered in fields.  As the semester progresses I want to be able to populate a given field (TPT) with the total number of possible points to date (PTP).



For example we have F1, F2, F3, F4, F4, F5 and F5. As these fields are populated I would like to have the PTP field populated with the total points possible to date.


If F1 and F2 are completed PTP would be 300 plus what's in the Participation field.


I've tried using the IF argument but can only get it to work for one situation, IF F2 >0, 300+Participation


I would like something like this:

IF F1>0  then PTP = 150 + Participation

IF F2>0  then PTP = 300 + Participation

IF F3>0  then PTP = 500 + Participation

IF F4>0  then PTP = 750 + Participation

IF F5>0  then PTP = 900 + Participation


I've tried the CASE argument but am failing there also:

Case ( F1.0 ; 150 {; F2>0 ; 300 ; F3>0 ; 500 ; defaultResult} ) - don't know how to finish this statement or even if it will work.  Tried with just two items and had no luck.


If anyone could provide me with the correct formula/argument to calculate the ongoing total possible points I would be greatly appreciative.



Additionally, what function/argument would i use to assign a letter grade based on a percentage range, i.e.:


A   = 93-100%

A-  = 90-92%

B+ = 87-89%

B   = 83-86%

B-  = 80-82%
C+ = 77-79%C   = 73-76%

C-  = 70-72%

D+  = 67-69%

D    = 63-66%

D-  = 60-62%

F    = 0-59%


Generally I'm having trouble with the syntax of these arguments if they are the correct ones to use.