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Webdirect rendering issues with mobile browsers after rotation

Question asked by eduncle on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by Suresh

We use WebDirect extensively and are currently working on a mobile-specific interface for a particular solution.


We're finding that certain anchoring options are breaking WebDirect's ability to correctly fit our layout to the screen of a mobile device browser once the screen has been rotated from landscape to portrait or vice-versa (it renders fine until the first time you rotate it).


We've also found that the Window size is miss-reported after rotating the screen (tested in Safari and Chrome on iOS 11.2.5, iPad & iPhone).   We're using FMS 16.0.3 on Windows Server 2016.


For example, I created a layout which is roughly square with smaller squares anchored in each corner.


As you can see it fills the screen nicely in Portrait mode....




And also in Landscape mode, but notice how the reported window dimensions are now the wrong way around after the initial rotation...




If we now rotate back to Portrait mode, it still display correctly, but once again the dimensions are reversed...




More seriously, if we change any object so it is not anchored horizontally to one or both sides, it looks fine before a rotation takes place as before....




But when we rotate it now cuts off the bottom of the layout...




And rotating it back is cuts off the side...



This makes it very difficult to create layouts that work in both orientations on mobile devices.  Is it an issue others have come across?


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