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Startup script messing up another startup script

Question asked by makintosh on Feb 21, 2018
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I have two scripts I plan to run at startup.


The first, License Key Script, prompts the entry of a code to unlock the file with a combination of the PersistentID, a name and an email. The other, Splash Screen Script, shows a customised splash screen and uses a custom function called WindowCenter.


I got the idea of the former from this forum and the latter from a youtube video. They both work fine on separate files. 


I used the scripts in the same file but the results break the License Key Script. One of the dialog boxes shows the PersistentID needed to calculate the unlock code. But when run with the Splash Screen Script, either as one script or as separate scripts, that information disappears, as if the file cannot get a PersistentID.


I tried putting the Splash Screen Script after the License Key Script in a single script. Reversed their order. Run License Key Script separately as OnFirstWindowOpen under File Options and Splash Screen Script as OnLayoutEnter under Manage Layouts > Script Triggers. Now I'm out of ideas.


Can anyone point what I am doing wrong?


Attached are screenshots of the scripts. I can't seem to copy and paste them directly from Filemaker.


This is my first major attempt at doing scripts so I won't mind getting schooled by the experts.