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Runtime Data Separation Model - Location of Data File - Mac

Question asked by cynthiablue on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by schamblee

I'm using the Data Separation model and using the Runtime Application on a Mac in FM 16 ( I know runtimes will be depreciated but I'm doing it for financial reasons ).


I have a question about the location of the Data file. When I develop, I have the Files file and the Data file in the same directory. I create a PKG file with Packages and when it's installed, both the Files file and the Data file are, as expected, put into the same directory. I have them specified to go under the Applications directory on my Mac.  For ease, I am creating a Directory under Applications and then the package installs the files in there.


I'd love to have it so that the two files that Filemaker needs are put into the Library instead of into the Application directory ( the Data file and the other Runtime file), so the users don't have to see them and get confused.  But I'm not sure how to tell Filemaker where those files live in the Runtime. 


So, my question is, how do I specify to Filemaker that the two files are located in a different directory?  Do I put it under the Manage External Data Sources in Filemaker Pro Advanced?  If so... how would I specify the Library directory on the Mac?