BaseDecode to rename container video data -- performance issues

Discussion created by user2147316 on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by fabianf

I have Custom solution running of FMS server 16.

Clients - on FM Go 16 on iPads.

Client iPads are used to capture ~ 1 min videos (via "Insert from Device").

Videos are store as external container data. With the acceptable quality video files run to about 60Mb each.


FMS gives video files default name pattern, but I need it to be different.


Having researched various discussions in this forum I turned to using BaseDecode... to rename videos in container fields. This is achieved via "Insert from Device" capturing into global container field, followed by "Set field" for standard container field with BasedDecode.. parameter:











But here I ran into drastic performance decrease.

After standard "Insert from Device" routine - it takes about 20sec for video file to appear in base directory.

With new routine -- it takes x6 longer -- ~ 195 sec.


My thoughts are that FMGo sends the 60Mb video file over the (mobile) network and back several times.


Any thoughts on how can I maximize performance?

Can the "BaseDecode..." routine run on server some how?